In digital marketing, everything seems incomplete without a hint of colour. With vibrant colours, creative designs, a perfect blend of animation and motion picture any website can be turned into a masterpiece. Unlike most of the websites where everything works just as a template with no customization, we at holistic Tech feels, customization is key for every brand. We aim to cut the boring and monotonous website patterns and make it more interactive by adding a perfect blend of colours and animation. Apart from complete customization according to your offered services, we also offer a vibrant and interactive addition of colours to give your eyes a break from boring patterns of pictures. 

Our team of graphic designers consist of professional animators, whiteboard artists, creative designers and video editors. We believe any business can be made presentable with the help of design, colours and motion pictures. Our designs are elegant and full curated and designed according to the image of your brand to ensure that a positive brand image is enhanced. With a perfect blend of animation and GIFs, your website seems more alive and interactive which attracts more users. From basic animation to adding vibrant and mesmerizing colours from the natural colour palette, we add just the right amount of freshness to your brand. 

Additionally, we offer you complete control of colour selection so you can select the colours and we can design everything according to your choice. We keep in mind that your business is visionary and needs exuberant colours to communicate the true essence of your business. We believe, everything comes with experience and we have now mastered the art of combining the prefect ration of images, texts, animation and video. We set the colour palette of the website and then design everything while staying within the colour palette to compliment the theme of the website and the vision of the business. 

Why Your Business Needs Graphics Designing?

Over the years, digital business strategy has evolved and this has raised the bar of user experience. Now everything is based on improving the user experience and to make this possible everyone trying to add something to theory online presence that can help them stand out from rest in the market. Your business needs an identity so you can just insert a small image and everyone can simply know about your business and that’s where the graphic designing comes in. Additionally, it plays a significant role in mapping the road to success for any business by adding to their brand image. 

As graphics are gaining more importance in marketing, it is now becoming inevitable to run a business without focusing on the graphics. From the company logo to the advertainment that we see on social media, everything is impossible without graphic designing. Additionally, for promotional marketing, we also provide printed booklets, visiting cards, letterheads, brochure and everything else that you need for your business. We know your rand aesthetic says a lot about your business, which is the reason we are driven to build the aesthetic of your business. With the perfect blend of visual art and still images, we build everything according to the requirement of your business. 

Our Services

Logo design

Create something to give a visual appearance to your brand by using the true vision of your business and its goals.

Social posts

Making designs that build a strong online presence that impacts marketing and brings the right amount of attention to your business.

Web banners

Adding the right amount of colours and images to make your website stand out from rest and make it more interactive.

User interface 

Customizing the user experience to bring more traffic and changing the way a user looks at the website and make it more interesting for business.


Add life to your business website by making the art more interactive and adding various transitions to it. 


Adding interactive art according to the theme of your business to make your website and online presence more user-friendly.